I’m posting on behalf of my boss. Can I create a user account with my boss’ personal information?

No. It is against Job Bank's Terms of Use to create an account with someone else’s information. A Job Bank user account includes personal information that only identifies, and is associated to, one person.


If you want to post jobs on behalf of your boss, you must first create your own personal user account. To do so, you can:

    1. Go to Job Bank for Employers and click on "Sign up now!".
    2. Have a look at what you will need and click on "Proceed".
    3. Read the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. Click on "I agree".
    4. Enter your email address and create a password. Click on "Continue".
    5. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email. Click on "Continue".
    6. Select and answer five security questions. Click on "Finish".
    7. Enter your personal information and check the "I agree" box. Click on "Finish".

After creating your user account, you can register your employer. To do so, you can:

    1. Click on "Employer files" from the left-hand menu on your Dashboard.
    2. Click on "Register a new employer".
    3. Select your relationship to the employer.
    4. Enter the employer’s payroll account number.
    5. Enter the employer’s business details.
    6. Enter the primary business address and click on "Complete registration".


Important: If Job Bank is aware that you are logging in a user account that does not belong to you, the account will be automatically suspended.

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