I’m an employer and I don't have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). What should I do?

To recruit on Job Bank, a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required in order to access Job Bank for Employers. If you don’t have a valid SIN, you won’t be able to create your own user account to register the business and post jobs.

However, other options are available to you if you need to hire for your Canadian business or your private household.  You can:

  • Designate an employee who has a valid SIN to post jobs for the business by signing up on Job Bank for Employers.
  • Use the services of a third party company to take charge of the recruiting process on Job Bank.

The designated person or third party company will need information about your business or private household to create the employer file before posting jobs.

You’ll have to provide your payroll account number as issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the primary business address and other employer details.

Although you are not eligible to use Job Bank for Employers without a SIN, you can still manage the screening and hiring process. Simply ask the designated user to add your email address to the employer file and on the job postings as an application method so you can receive the resumes in your own inbox.   

Important: Do not access the employer file with another user’s credentials. Sharing a user account could result in the suspension of the account in accordance with Job Bank’s Terms of Use.



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