What career paths are best suited to my personality and skills?

Your personality, skills, and knowledge are important to consider when exploring suitable career paths. You can assess your career aptitudes using Job Bank’s Skills and Knowledge Checklist, Career Navigator quizzes, and 9 Essential Skills profiles.

The Skills and Knowledge Checklist generates a set of occupations which are suited to your unique profile. Select applicable skills and knowledge items from a list of work-related competencies to receive your personalized results.

The Career Navigator quizzes allow you to explore your personality and discover occupations that may interest you. The career-oriented quizzes provide lists of occupations which fit your skills and working styles. The self-assessment quizzes help you to better understand your personality and how it connects to the types of work you might enjoy.

You can also explore essential skills profiles to understand which of the 9 essential skills are most relevant to different types of jobs.


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